Front left to right: Piper Reva, Meiko Blosser, and Krista Dreschel Back left to right: Bobbi Mennella, Dori Townsend-Tyers, and Tom Giffin

the aldermarsh team

A small, collaborative community devoted to stewarding the land and tending the spaces in support of the land weaving her magic.


Space Mavens

Dori Townsend-Tyers is part of the space maven team and also provides hosting support for retreat groups. She brings a quiet, focused attention to the details of preparing the inside spaces for guests.

Krista Dreschel arrives with the intention of providing a clean and tranquil space for guests to help facilitate them in their journey while at Aldermarsh. She buzzes through with an energetic zeal that supports quick transition between groups.

Piper Reva is a space maven and creative dreamer schemer, bringing color and gentle transformation into the indoor spaces at Aldermarsh. She’s also a very gifted photographer and you may also notice her name in several of our photo credits.

Meiko Blosser is the retreat manager and a retreat host. She is the on-the-ground coordinator for retreat groups and will likely be the first smiling face to greet you upon arrival.


Grounds team

Bobbi Mennella is our groundskeeper bouquet maker extraordinaire. You may see her from time to time spinning her magic on the land. Most of her hours are spent tending the landscaped gardens and walkways throughout the five acre parcel.

Tom Giffin is our property manager and has close to 15 years of service to Aldermarsh. He ensures that everything inside and out is in working order and focuses significant creative energy on property improvement project.