Tuesday Night Community Events at The Marsh House


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NIA Class with Sommer Joy Albertson

7 - 8pm on Aug 15th; Nov 21st; and Dec 5th

By Donation

A Sacerd Dance Floor where we access together universal joy.  Step into this class and open the dynamic sensational embodied moment of finding your body's way with ease.  Through the three movement forms of Dance, Martial, and Healing arts fusion through an inclusive dance.  An exploration into a magical fusion embrace where anything is possible in the mind, body, emotions, and spirit.  This is a Nia Class.  Are you in? 

Information and Contact:  islandjoywellness.com   islandjoywellness@gmail.com

Sacred Sound Bath with Deborah Koff-Chapin

7 - 8pm on Aug 22nd, Sept 5; Oct 24th; and Dec 19th

By Donation

Come rest in sacred space with nothing expected of you.  Deborah creates a deep and resonant field with the sound of her gemstone crystal bowls and evocative vocals.  Bring a mat and anything else to make yourself comfortable (there are a few mats available at the Marsh House).  The soundfield will open at about 7:05 and continue until 7:55.  We close in silence so you can lay for a while and slip out without socializing.  Each session is a new emergent energetic field. 

Information and Contact:  touchdrawing.com   deborah@touchdrawing.com


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